Friday, March 12, 2010


Gaga draws influences for her new video Telephone which is a cotinuation of her Papparazzi such as Chicago's Cell block tango

in one scene female prisioners dance as they grasp the jail bars, Women Behind Bars she entitles an explicit moments towards the begining of the video for dramatic emphasis, & Rocky horror picture show in the kitchen of the diner scene.

Gaga shows her edgy side in the vid by sporting outfits that would make the toughest of crimainals weirded out like her beer can hair rollers & her lit cigarette sunglasses

Gaga also wears a Shinia twain "That Don't Impress Me Much" inspired leopard body suit Both Beyoncé & Gaga wear original Cowboy hat/veil combo numbers, in purple & black as they continue their Thelma & Louise getaway antics in the end of the video. But what was really daring was Beyoncé's new meaning to military style in her Sgt. Pepper one peice But my all time favorite part of the video has got to be the easy to miss Michael Jackson-esch move with a shuffle elbow shift stomp as she is bailed out of jail by her cohert in crime Beyoncé. The video also features sneak cameos by Semi Precious wepons, & a younger look at Gaga

♥ Watch the full video here ♥

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