Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strange Comparasions...

Recently Chris Salvatore, debuted his cover for "Dirty Love The Remixes". I was the only person to notice that it bore a striking resembelence to my favorite movie motion picture soundtrack see for yourself:

Here's Chris Salbvatore Dirty Love {The Remixes}:

& here's The O.M.P.S. cover from Marie Antoinette:

When I posted this image on Chris Salvatore's Facebook Fanpage wall he said Chris Salvatore: hah thats so funny, i had no idea....cooool

Pretty impressive that a picture that I idolize & have spent
years trying to recreate just takes one try for someone who had no idea that he might be one day compared to it... All I can say is {ala Jason Schwartzmen as Louis XVI} Exellent album cover Chris, Excellent.